20 reasons to do the Millennium Homestay trek this autumn

Ajay Kumar shrestha September 23, 2022

The tourism industry has been hit hard by the pandemic. It was one of the first sectors to be affected and is likely one of the last to recover. After 2 years of hiatus, the industry is expected to make a strong comeback this year as people are eager to travel again.
This rebound is attributed to a few things, the first being that people have been pent up and are ready to get out and explore again. Secondly, there has been an increase in vaccine confidence, which has led to more people feeling comfortable traveling. Lastly, airlines and hotels have become more flexible with their policies, which has also contributed to the resurgence of the tourism industry.

As the industry begins to pick back up, a few emerging trends can be observed in 2022. One of these trends is the increase in demand for unique and authentic experiences. In the past, travelers have been more focused on visiting popular tourist destinations and checking items off their bucket lists. But now, people are looking for ways to connect with the local culture and immerse themselves in the experience.
This is where the Millennium Homestay trek comes in.
Millennium is still one of the untouched and under-rated trekking trails in the western part of Nepal. This homestay trail passes through 30 colorful villages offering splendid panoramic mountain views on the way.

The major attraction of this trek is its proximity to the Annapurna region and the diversity in the beautiful landscape as well as extremely impressive views of snowcapped Mountains which ranges from Kanjiroba to Ganesh Himal.
It covers a distance of more or less 72 Kilometers. Throughout the trail, one can experience a variety of cultures and lifestyles while staying on a homestay in Nepal. Besides, trekkers can also admire various religious shrines and several colorful authentic Nepali villages without having to go through strenuous walks.
Apart, from these here are the 20 reasons on why should one consider visiting this homestay-based accommodation in Western Nepal in year 2022.

1.Perennial Destination For Hiking
Millennium Trek homestay route follows the unconventional season window. The route is open almost all around the year. It is least affected by adverse weather condition as it receives highest number of guests during November to March – the most unfavorable season for trekking and hiking due to extreme weather conditions at high altitudes. Thus, it is the best destination to travel to during any seasons.

2.Easy Trail
The highest trek point in this trial is of 1700 meter approximately. Thus making this route easy to hike. The route is mostly plain with less or very few ascents and descend. The leveled path and short duration of walks in a day makes this trail fairly easy and comfortable.

3.Bird’s Eye View Of The Himalayas

This homestay trek in Nepal begins from the base of Annapurna region- Pokhara and goes around different villages in Kaski and Syanja district. The proximity to the Annapurna region blesses this trek with wide range of splendid views of several mountains such as Ganesh, Kanjiroba and many more.

4.Accessible Trail
The trek in the Kaski district of Nepal is easily accessible with the availability of multiple modes of transport- road way and airway. One can easily travel to Pokhara through road or by plane from Kathmandu to Pokhara. From Pokhara only roadway is available. Thus, a drive from Pokhara to Gachhepani takes us to the starting point of our homestay trek. Its easy trails compared to other available treks in Nepal also adds to the easy accessibility of the region.

5.Shamanic Experience
This trail not only provides you with the opportunity to experience most authentic lifestyle of village, but it also takes you back to Mother Nature. During the trek, we encounter and experience the shamanic healing technique and learn about powers of Mother Nature.

6.Suitable For People Of All Ages

As this trek does not require strenuous walk of any sort this trek can generally done by anyone physically sound irrespective of age. The short length of hike in day and comparatively less strain on body makes it ideal for everyone to be a part of it.

7.Off The Beaten Trail
Unlike other popular homestays in Nepal which are based on only one village, Millennium homestay explores 30 colorful villages while staying on 13 different homestays throughout the trip. The trail moves from a homestay at one village to another village throughout the journey providing an opportunity to explore people from different ethnic background.

8.Nepali Culture At Its Best
This trekking has proved to be quintessential for those trekkers who are seeking the village tourism and homestay with local people. Guest can fully enjoy with local culture and practices themselves. This homestay trek provides unique chances to learn Nepali culture. The multiple homestays in different villages inhibited by people of varied castes opens up an opportunity to experience the authenticity of Nepali culture, norms and traditions.

9.Organic Meals And Eco-Friendly Trail
As the trek is still untouched by modernization and urbanization, people still depend upon local products to meet the needs of guests. Thus, be it morning breakfast or evening plate full of daal (lentil soup), bhat (rice) and seasonal vegetables offered during the trek, everything is organic and healthy.

Next best thing about this trekking route in the hills is the breathtaking views of mountains and green hills it has to offer. Similarly, there are various viewpoints along the trek that promises views of different peak to the north. It also flaunts several sightseeing destinations of the trek route like Dhor Barahi Temple, Millennium cave- an absolute natural cave with unique underground waterfalls, ancient temple, monasteries and historical forts.

11.Ethnic Diversity
The trek offers opportunity to observe more than 30 colorful villages within Tanahun and Syanja district. It provides a raw experience of Nepali village life. Laden with diverse culture and traditions the trek route provides the opportunity to see the local people performing cultural programs in several villages. While on the trek, visitors can enjoy various cultural activities like Ghatu, Sorathi, Kauda, Salaijo, Jhora, Thado Bhaka and Krishna Charitra, among others.

12.Conservation And Promotion Of Local Culture

As visitors take a profound interest in nearby culture and tradition, local people are keen on keeping those practices alive. Likewise, locals from millennium homestay trek also preserve their heritages and practices. The most renowned is Shaman shows. It is quite popular amongst the people visiting millennium homestay trek. Through the trek, people from different villages perform their traditional dances to welcome the guests.

13.Opportunity To Interact With Local Women Leadership
Currently, approximately 13 households are involved in the homestay program. This homestay has provided direct employment to the homestay households in the region where women cover the large portion. Women in return are continuously benefitting from the business as the enterprise provides more exposure and awareness towards cleanliness, cross cultural exchange and more.

14.Opportunity To Learn About Local Employment Situation
Apparently, the Millennium trek is providing alternative employment opportunities to the local people. While emigration and immigration are a serious problem of this village, this newly found enterprise is creating more opportunities to the people living in the village. It can only continue to create more opportunities if there is stable inflow of guests. It not only empowers homestay households but also generates opportunity to those living within the community.

15.Cross-Cultural Exchange
Through homestay people from diverse cultural background get exposed to each other. While sharing the same room guests from variant traditions they also exchange their norms and values to the host families. With this cross-cultural exchange, the host families get opportunities to enhance their overall skills be it related to kitchen or cultivation. While guests can get familiar with the local language, the indigenous people can also learn English in return.

16.Direct Contribution To Local Families Of Village

Homestay has been another approach to elevate the neighborhood economy. Similarly, staying in a homestay can help a great deal in the nearby economy. In a homestay, the cash you pay will legitimately go in the hand of the host, what is the better method for guaranteeing the improvement of nearby economy and having the best time of your life.

17.Great Value for Authentic Experience

The host will provide the best of what they can offer, with a warm welcome and accommodation without making you feel like an outsider. The extraordinary friendliness, warm hospitality and love is sure to add value to what you primarily intended to experience. There is more to what one can express in words when one is treated as a guest instead of a client.

18.Home Away From Home

The chances of making new family or friends is easy with such personal experience in the hills.
In hotels, you get all kinds of extravagance, yet the sentiment of sitting inside the four dividers will make you miss your home. But in a homestay, you will be home away from home.

Getting to know the individuals, discovering their lifestyle and them taking an interest in yourself in their way of life will never make you feel alone.

19.Safe Traveling

Local people in villages live a basic life. While remaining in a homestay, your host will provide you the best possible services which is actualities and their warm method for neighborliness will make you have a sense of security. Living with those individuals in a homestay is perhaps the best treat. This trek is absolutely safe to travel either solo or with your friends and family.

20.Being A Part Of Overall Community Development
Staying in a homestay benefits the community as a whole. With homestay people are keener on improving their service standards which includes improved health and cleanliness standard along with public awareness. Similarly, it also helps in full utilization of available resources ultimately providing income generating opportunities to everyone involved directly or indirectly. In addition, it also helps enhancing quality of education in the village. Most importantly, it helps in overall development of the village with the construction of infrastructures of development.

Despite the potential, Millennium homestay observes less than 30 visitors per month. Therefore, making it a unique, unexplored and virgin trail which leaves the visitors with once-in-a-lifetime experience. Provided the required effort in the promotion of this off the beaten trail, Millennium homestay trek is set to be the bridge connecting the seasonal gap and establishing Nepal as perennial destination for hiking and experiencing the most authentic way to explore Nepal.